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SurvAI OTO 1st to 4th Reviews: SurvAI has two front end options called SurvAI Personal and SurvAI Commercial, SurvAI Bundle Deal, SurvAI FastPass & 4 other OTOs aka One Time Offers. The 1st SurvAI OTO is SurvAI Unlimited, the 2nd is SurvAI Agency, the 3rd is SurvAI Survey Salesman, the 4th SurvAI OTO is SurvAI PowrSuite Unlimited. There are down sells for every OTO. The product is by Neil Napier & Dragan Plushkovski. All the links >>>

OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

SurvAI Bundle Deal (Save $481)
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FE: SurvAI Commercial
coupon code ‘SURVEYS’
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SurvAI Fast Pass (Save over $431)
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SurvAI OTO #1 : SurvAI UNLIMITED Upgrade
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SurvAI OTO #2 : SurvAI AGENCY Upgrade
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SurvAI OTO #4 : SurvAI PowrSuite UNLIMITED Upgrade
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Special Bonuses for the OTO BUNDLE Audience: You’ll get all the bonuses listed on the Salespage, but I’m going to give you guys a SPECIAL bonus as well. If you Download SurvAI via any link on this page you’ll also get my bonus package $5800 Value. Believe me, my bonus package will save you time, money and make your life a little easier!



SurvAI is a Breakthrough A.I. Technology Automatically Creates SURVEY FUNNELS With Just A Keyword In 59 Seconds Flat.

Neil knows what is hot and what is sellin’ and knows which trend is coming on strong and will continue to provide significant results throughout 2022: growing your buyers list and offering that service to clients as well through the use of AI generated surveys. I know surveys don’t sound “sexy”, but what is sexy is when you start getting sales and targeted buyers on your mailing list who tell you exactly what they are looking for. Each sale and repeat customer means money in the bank for you and another step towards true freedom online and saying goodbye to the 9-5 and hello to that REAL “laptop lifestyle” where every single day can be a vacation.

Surveys Give You Deep Insight About Your Audience. INSIGHT: They help you gain insight into who’s in your audience, what they struggle with, what they really want, and so much more. Don’t worry about asking the right questions…the A.I. will do that for you. SEGMENT: They help you segment your new leads at the top of your funnel. This software also helps you segment leads based on replies – so that you can send them to personalized offers. SALES: And they help you combine the power of human psychology with that of interactive content. Witness an instant increase in your sales & conversions…as people love learning more about themselves, answering questions, and getting personalized offers.

But Most People Are Using Surveys Wrong. Now What If You Had An App That Created Winning Surveys For You In Minutes With Just a Keyword? What If You Could Do All This With Just a Push Of a Button? Without Guesswork, Technical Obstacles, Or Even Needing a Website? Introducing SurvAI.

A.I. Generates Engaging Surveys In Just 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

  • Step 1: Enter a keyword: Simply enter a keyword & let the A.I. generate questions that will turn leads into repeat customers.
  • Step 2: Select Questions: The questions are automatically inserted for you with questions that build interest, desire and push towards ACTION. (Alternatively, you can write your questions and create your own survey from scratch)
  • Step 3: Publish and Profit: Brand your surveys with your colors (or that of your clients).

It helps you generate a targeted buyers list by leveraging AI. You can share your surveys and send them to the best money pages for their particular interests. You’ve heard all about how the SurvAI Bundle can do, literally, everything to grow your buyers list by having your buyers tell you exactly what they want and you send them to that profit page. Plus they have harnessed the power of a custom AI that will actually write the questions for you. SurvAI is the new way of doing list building. Go here now to get access before the SurvAI Bundle special deal expires forever.


Vendor Neil Napier
Product SurvAI
Launch Date 2022-May-10
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $27
Refund YES, 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Survey funnel builder
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • Generate High-Converting Questions In Seconds: Top psychologists & marketers agree that the goal of writing a survey question is for every potential respondent to. Interpret it in the same way. Be able to respond accurately. And be willing to answer
  • Drag & Drop Survey Builder Canvas: The order in which the questions appear in your survey can directly impact the responses you gather. Simply drag-n-drop the questions you like onto the canvas. Want to change the order of your questions? – Again, just drag-n-drop. Creating a STUNNING survey can’t get any easier and faster. It gives you complete control over your surveys.
  • Create Multi-Page Surveys: SurvAI allows you to create both long & short surveys with total ease. Create surveys that contain a user-friendly balance of short-answer and multiple-choice questions that get specific information from the participants. SurvAI generates multiple questions in 10 different types & forms.
  • Pick A Template Or Start With Blank Canvas: It has a wide range of templates that you can use to create your surveys in just seconds. Designed by their in-house team of expert designers & marketers – these templates are battle-tested to deliver the highest conversions. Alternatively, if you want you can start with a blank canvas and create your OWN survey just the way YOU like.
  • Dynamic Smart Redirect System: Based on the responses to your questions…you can have SurvAI send your leads to a custom Thank You Page after completing the survey. Pitch different products & services based on your audiences’ preferences and watch your conversions skyrocket.
  • Smart Survey Protection: With this, you can create passwords for your surveys. This way ONLY people with the password can access & fill out the survey…making it impossible for bots to answer questions in your survey. This helps in saving a lot of time & resources on compiling data that is useless for you. And not just that You can also LIMIT one survey per respondent by allowing only one person to take up the survey using one IP address.
  • Customize Surveys: Simply point-n-click to add your own custom welcome text and even a Countdown timer to increase completions using scarcity. SurvAI has everything you need to create lead-generating surveys. All you need to do is…point-n-click!
  • Full Survey Analytics: SurvAI lays down all of the crucial stats for you in a simplified manner. Access these right inside your dashboard and know exactly the kind of surveys your audience will respond to.
  • Easily Share Your Survey: Easily share your survey with a custom URL generated inside the app with just 1-click. You can also directly share your surveys on Facebook & Twitter from within the app. Want to put your survey on your website? No problem. Just copy-paste and embed it on any website (your or your clients’).


  • Capture Leads with A.I. using powerful builder
  • Share Surveys with a custom URL anywhere with just 1-click
  • Automated: Generate engaging questions using A.I.
  • Send leads Right to offers based on their replies
  • Quickstart: No prior experience or technical skills needed
  • Fully cloud-based. Nothing to download/install
  • Powerful Security: Passwords & IP level security
  • Free Commercial License make money by offering this as a service


  • Digital marketers for knowing what kind of products and services their customers like.
  • Social media marketers for running engaging marketing campaigns.
  • Bloggers for building their list fast & easy.
  • Affiliate marketers for selling more products & earning more commissions.
  • Website owners for turning their websites visitors into hot leads
  • Coaches for helping students figure out their “pre-for making their own course” levels and also for collecting feedback
  • E-commerce & brick-and-mortar store owners for building their list fast & easy.
  • Work-from-home individuals for money selling surveys.


  • You’ve had a successful online business for years now and you’re looking for the next step in scaling your business and connecting with your clients.
  • Your current lead magnet isn’t doing you any favors. People don’t comment on how helpful it was and it doesn’t get shared organically. You’re ready to do something different and create an asset that improves people’s lives AND boosts your bottom line.
  • You’re already spending loads of time every day, week, or month trying fruitlessly to grow your list.
  • You already have a survey but because you didn’t know any better, it’s not very good. You’re ready to have another go at creating something your audience will love & engage with.
  • Your online business is just starting to take shape. You don’t know it all, but you definitely know one thing: you want a compelling, high-converting lead magnet from the get-go.
  • You’ve heard the rumors, and the rumors are true — surveys are a hella powerful way to grow your list fast and affordably, and when you use SurvAl, you’ll also attract better quality leads that ultimately will want to invest in what you have to offer.
    You already know you want a survey — and you know you wanna do it right. You want a survey that stands out and offers real value and you won’t settle for anything less.
  • You know that if you do launch your survey and it doesn’t generate brag-worthy results, you’ll get a full refund thanks to our 14-day Money-Back Guarantee.

There’s Nothing Like SURVAI OUT THERE…



Exclusive Launch Special – Get THE ENTIRE SURVAI BUNDLE At A Massive Discount!

Our BUNDLE is your quickest way to get access to everything that will let your SurvAI software advance your online business and profits faster than you could with just any of the parts individually. We have curated this product set to create explosive growth for YOU.


Get Ultrafunnels FE + ALL Upgrades & Exclusive Bonuses At A Whopping $481 Discount…

coupon code ‘SURVBUNDLE’


  • UNLIMITED AI Questions
  • Collect Up To 1,000 Responses
  • Up To 10 Questions Per Survey
  • Up To 25 Active Surveys
  • Includes Hosting For All Your Surveys – NO WEBSITE NEEDED!
  • Top Tier Training
  • Informed, Responsive Support
  • Commercial License Included

Fast Action Bonuses:

  • How To Make 6-Figures With Surveys
  • Sales Graphics Rush
  • Email Survey Funnel

coupon code ‘SURVEYS’


Grab The SurvAI FAST PASS & Get EVERY Upgrade At An Unbelievably LOW Price!

Our Fast Pass is your quickest way to get access to everything that will let your SurvAI software advance your online business and profits faster than you could with just any of the parts individually. We have curated this product set to create explosive growth for YOU.


Unlock Every Upgrade & Exclusive Bonuses At A Whopping $431 Discount…


  • UNLIMITED Surveys
  • UNLIMITED Responses
  • UNLIMITED Questions Per Survey
  • UNLIMITED Access to Privilege Club
  • Rebrandable Surveys
  • Access To All New Features
  • Upgrade your brain


  • Agency feature; sub-user account creation from within the app. [FE level access (commercial – 1,000 questions etc)]
  • 50/100 seats as CG AI
  • DFY Business Website
  • Add Featured Samples Of Your Products & Services
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration
  • Add Business Clients Testimonial
  • All Website Pages Created with content
  • Created By Top Graphic Designer
  • DFY Sales Proposal
  • DFY Email Swipes
  • DFY Telemarketing Scripts
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Graphics Banner
  • DFY Business Cards
  • DFY Rate Cards
  • DFY Letterheads
  • DFY Invoice


Collection of business trainings from Neil from Smart Academy.

SURVAI OTO #4 – PowrSuite UNLIMITED – $197

  • UNLIMITED Use of All 10 Tools (Including Link Tracking App)
  • UNLIMITED Use of All future tools
  • Includes UPGRADED Ads Program “Ads PRO Edition”
  • Special Bonus Courses


  • Q: How much time do I really need to create and launch my survey? A: It can create your survey in less than 59 seconds.
  • Q: I’m not a copywriter, can I still create my own survey? A: Yes. With SurvAI – you don’t need to write a single sentence. All you need to do is provide a keyword and hit enter. That’s it.
  • Q: What is the monthly cost of SurvAI? A: It breaks away from the monthly expensive subscription fee module. Unlike other platforms, it charges you a tiny one-time fee to benefit from forever. There are hard costs associated with question generation. To increase your number of questions generated to unlimited you will be offered an optional upgrade on the next page. Don’t forget the BIG PLUS that you can legally sell these surveys to your clients.
  • Q: What Do You Mean When You Promise Lifetime Access? A: The lifetime license in this case refers to the lifetime of the product – SurvAI. This survey creation app utilizes GPT3 technology and other 3rd party technologies. This app will continue to work as long as it is viable to provide the majority of these services without disruption. They have been in business for over 5 years and will continue to serve their customers in the future.
  • Q: Can I create quizzes and polls with SurvAI as well? Q: Yes! The main intention is for survey generation, but you can create quizzes and polls as well.
  • Q: Is it beginner-friendly? A: Yes yes yes! Nothing is simpler. Even a kid in school can create a high converting survey and run a successful business easily with SurvAI.
  • Q: Is training & support included? A: Yes, their team is at your disposal for anything that you might need.

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